Children are destructive creatures

Children are destructive creatures – specifically, mine.
Since moving into our home in BFE, my husband has made several improvements.
He painted all the rooms, except the massive living room/hallway. He even painted the basement bathroom in OSU colors.
We have re-carpeted three bedrooms.
Then the twins came along.
Since they have been born, they have added a bit of “art” to our house.
For example, did you know that white front doors make a GREAT art canvas? The best part … she used permanent marker.
My husband had to paint the front door.
The permanent markers are now in a cupboard, on the top shelf.
Also, stickers are everywhere. They adore my “work filing cabinet;” the twins’ craft table; her play kitchen; and on occasion, I find them on my kitchen counters and bedroom doors. About 80 percent of the time, the stickers are stuck on surfaces that I can use my fingernail and pluck them off. However, my filing cabinet is not one of those surfaces. Until the day I pitch the ugly 1980 beige cabinet, I will forever be staring at stickers with the following sayings: “Guiding Eyes for the Blind;” “Super Star;” and my favorite (clearly theirs too) … “Easter Seals.”
My daughter has far-exceeded a sticker “collector.” She is now a sticker HOARDER.
Let’s move on to the interior walls.
As I sit here, typing this in what will one day be our “formal dining room” I am reminded that I have years to go before I will allow this room to be transformed.
A few years ago, I introduced the twins to pencils.
That was my downfall.
They used them on the wall.
And yes, I know that Mr. Clean has a Magic Eraser, but you see, the people who lived here before us used the cheapest paint ever made. Therefore, when I use Mr. Clean’s eraser, it not only removes the pencil, but the paint as well.
So, until we actually paint this room, which leads into the living room, I am stuck looking at random scribbles on the wall.
Speaking of random … here’s another activity my kids love to par-take in during every season. I am calling it “Let’s Make Mom Go Crazy by Taking Her Utensils.”
Yes, I do not own a set of nice silverware. That’s because they use spoons and other various “baking utensils” for outside recreation (think winter-time soup made with snow and spring-time mud pies), as well as bath time. Perhaps they are working on their cooking skills at a young age … which I guess I should commend since I still can hardly make a toasted cheese sandwich without burning it to a crisp.
They also love to “borrow” my pots and pans, and serving dishes. I find these random objects in all the toy bins. And, when I find several in one spot, it’s like I found buried treasure!
So, gone are the days when I am able to blame my husband for doing dumb things around the house, or even my oldest son.
Until the twins are at least 10, I am just using my “Mom Blinders” and ignoring the “decorative touches” around my house.


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One Response to Children are destructive creatures

  1. Sarah says:

    Great post! And sooooo true 🙂

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