‘Sign, sign … everywhere you must sign’ — When did school become much like buying a house?

“Sign here!” “Initial here!” “Read and sign below!”

Good God!

It’s elementary school! Not an application for a mortgage! In fact, I signed less papers when I agreed to enter into marriage.

Even worse is being told by my spiffy 8-year-old daughter that I have to “check her power packet.”

Why, why in God’s name do I have to do that if her father just helped her with the entire homework assignment?

Oh, and to make matters worse, I have twins. That means, I get to deal with this nightly agenda TWICE.

Her womb-counterpart nailed it tonight:

“I was just in school all day. I am not doing homework from now until I go to bed. I am going outside to play!”

And I didn’t stop him. I called him in when dinner was ready.

This is what our society has come down to folks.

The constant push to BE THE BEST. TO PASS A TEST. TO EXCEL.

Their brains never ever stop working.

They never ever have any downtime at the age of 8. And that is complete bullshit. Reading power packets – read a short story, highlight the answers and then write the answers (if this sounds redundant, it’s because it is). This is given on a Monday and due on Friday.

Nightly math homework – comes in the form of either sheets, online, papers or flash cards. Must be done nightly.

Accelerated Reading (AR) – children must read “X” amount of books per month and each book has a point value. In September, the twins had to read 7 points worth of books. Now, they have to “up” their point-value. It took 14 books to make 7 points.

Now, put that all together.

Add in 6.5 hours of school.

It’s far too much for 8 year olds.

Times are changing – that I understand. But at what cost?










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3 Responses to ‘Sign, sign … everywhere you must sign’ — When did school become much like buying a house?

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  2. Niki says:

    Agreed. With all of their extras (Soccer, swimming, dinner…) which I am not willing to sacrifice because they love them and it keeps the healthy and strong! I have had to make their bedtime later and everyone knows that children need a certain amount of sleep a day… I didn’t do all this craziness and I went to college, made the deans list, went to grad school… It just seems like there is so much pressure now.

  3. 100% agree with this post!!! Just let kids be kids, they have the rest of their lives to work.

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