Decorating on a budget — THE SPRING FLIP



The wrought-iron, faded bench had been sitting on my front porch since the spring of 2007.

No one ever really sat on it for the fear of getting a splinter in their butt-cheek.

On occasion, I would toss a basket of flowers on the poor, sad, discolored bench, but it didn’t bring it to life.

And then came Pinterest.

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Some ideas are right up my crafty-alley. Others are just flops.

But as of lately, Pinterest and I are just simply getting along.

First came the wall of faces on my newly painted gray walls. It’s really a photo wall using a combination of white, black and darker gray frames that I refurbished from Good Will. For $10 I was able to buy eight different frames.

Next came the painted wine bottles with various words of encouragement. My favorite is the wine bottle that was at first going to end up in the trash after the white paint dried a bit too rough for my liking. But then I added a splash of gray paint over it and it resembles a newspaper with words “HOPE” and “INSPIRE” painted alongside the bottle. Those were wonderful Christmas presents.

And that leads us to spring, and my sad bench.

Well, the bench isn’t sad anymore.

Using old purple paint (from another project) stored in the basement, I painted the seats and then using my new favorite product – SPRAY PAINT – I painted the backside of the bench teal.

It is gorgeous and provides just enough color. It will soon be placed in my new flower garden where it will be surrounded by Shasta daisies and lavender plants.

Once I find a cute table to repaint, the flower garden will become my favorite spot in the yard to relax, read a book and sip a glass of vino.

It’s amazing how something old and tarnished can be refurbished to look like new.

All you need sometimes, is Pinterest … and old paint.



Donation fund set up for prom years 2021 and 2026

Prom 1996The year was 1996 and the hit song “Angel Eyes” by Jeff Healey won the theme for Prom 1996.
I am just glad it wasn’t something like “Under the Sea.”
But anyways, Seth and I had only been dating for about four months when THE senior moment was about to take place – PROM.
The first time I went to prom, I was a junior. I decided a week before the event to go with my friends and well, I blew off work too. (Note to all seniors going to prom NOW – ask for the day and day after OFF from work because there is a chance that your BOSS may actually be at the prom, such as the case was with me back in 1995 and then I was “written up” for lying. How they actually knew I didn’t have a cold, I will never knew, but whatever – that was my “bad girl” moment in 1995.) Anyways, that year, I wore a white dress that reminded me more of a First Communion gown than a formal prom dress. That’s probably why I was never asked too – lame dress.
OK, flash forward a year – a I had a date and a hot fitted slinky black dress that I LOVED. I mean, LOVED. I think I loved this dress more than my wedding dress. The dress was under $100 – I know this because that was my spending limit – yes, folks, it’s called a BUDGET.
But, now, let’s move ahead to the year 2013. I recently read an article that stated today’s “average prom” is running parents $1,139.
I don’t think our prom committee budget for our entire senior class was $1,139.
Can you imagine? That is more than my wedding dress!
But then the “sources” began explaining WHY prom is costing an arm (tanned) and leg (also tanned) … you have THE DRESS; the pre-prom hair try-out; pre-prom makeup; day-of-the-prom makeup; the day-of-prom hair; mani/pedi; visits to a tanning bed; tickets; tux; dinner; and limo (hahahaha, right!)
I have no idea how much it actually cost to attend prom in 1996; but I know damn well it did not cost $1,139.
Today’s prom trends are going to send me into a tizzy eight (for Ethan) and 13 years (twins – maybe KK and Derek can just go together their senior year?) from now.
Therefore, I have started a “SEND THE LINEBRINK KIDS TO PROM” FUND. If you’d like to donate, I accept cash, coins and checks. I promise, I will send you a photo of the kids with their dates that you helped fund.